Ginette Chapman is an avid camper, hiker, and cross country skier. She grew up exploring the Sonoran Desert around her home in Tucson and now calls the Colorado mountains home. When not exploring the outdoors, she can be found hard at work at her day jobs as a lawyer and editor or pummeling balls on a racquetball court.



Mitch Tobin was born in New York City but fell in love with the great outdoors, especially public lands across the American West, thanks to some amazing camping trips in his youth. A writer, photographer, and multimedia journalist, Mitch is also editor of, a skiing blog.



Violet is 6 years old and loves nature. She often can be found biking, hiking, and camping. She is very fond of art, math, and doing science experiments, especially those involving explosions. She loves her two cacti friends, Sunset and Sky, and her dog, Phoebe.


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How to take bananas camping

We’ve collected tips for keeping the world’s best-loved fruit nice and firm while you’re traveling and camping, as well as ideas for what to do with mushy bananas.

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